Virtual Consultation Guide

By reaching out to your local storage solution provider you have taken the first step towards building your dream space. We know you will love your new custom space along with the organized and tidy results that follow! As with all new ventures, you may be apprehensive and not sure what to expect from your virtual consultation. Many customers share the same questions about our consultation process so we prepared this guide to help! Does your space need to be cleaned and emptied? Will the consultant judge your space? What if you don’t like the first design?

If your mind is racing with questions like these, there is good news. We simplify home storage and customize our solution to you and your home. Take a look below to learn about preparing for your virtual consultation and why you do not need to worry about a thing!

Does My Space Need To Be Cleaned Or Emptied?

When it comes to your home, you may feel inclined to clean and tidy up before anyone is due to arrive. We politely ask that you don’t worry about cleaning up the clutter prior to your consultation. In fact, we do our best work when we can see exactly how you currently utilize your space and what areas we can improve. This unique insight helps your designer create unique ideas that match both you and your needs.

Virtual Consultation Options

Virtual Consultations can be conducted in two different ways depending on your preference:

Video Walkthrough

During your initial call or e-mail correspondence, your designer may encourage a video walkthrough to better familiarize themselves with your setup. For this, we ask you to walk the designer through a “virtual tour” of the spaces that you are interested in renovating. Video walkthroughs allow us to take a closer look at specific details as you discuss your organizational needs for each area.

Photograph Walkthrough

If a video walkthrough isn’t the right solution for you, we can also work with photographs of your space! Send your designer photos with notes on any unique features such as vents and outlets! Good lighting and close-up photos can be extremely helpful for us when designing your solution. Once we have your photos we can analyze each space with you via phone and identify what will bring your dream space to reality!

After completing a video walkthrough or submitting your photographs, we only need some simple measurements to start formulating your new design. In most cases, we only need three measurements (Length x Width x Height) to start the design process. If your space is complex, we will gladly walk you through what we need to get started!

Is My Designer Judging My Clutter?

Absolutely not! At Lake Champlain Closets we regularly work with homeowners who have spaces suffering from efficiency challenges. Clutter is common amongst older Vermont homes, where limited and inefficient designs don’t meet current storage needs. We know how hard it can be to keep everything organized when you don’t have adequate storage, and it’s not your fault. Your designer will never judge you or your space. We have seen it all once, twice and a thousand times before, so don’t stress!

How Do I Know My Design Is Right For Me?

Our customized design process is built to match your design with your individual needs. After we receive the measurements for each space, the real journey begins! During your initial discussions, your designer will keep a highly detailed log and ask questions to really understand your goals. This preliminary process helps create a strong foundation towards understanding what will work best for you and your space. Each space and need is unique and our goal is to develop our solution around you and your space.

Once we understand your new closet or storage space aspirations, we will prepare some sample concepts for you. Using our specialized 3D design software, your designer will recreate your space to help you visualize the new concepts. During this stage, we will also add any requested accessories, finishes, and stylistic design choices to further personalize your storage solution. Once our design plans are complete, you will receive a copy via email and with a quick click, you will be able to see a custom 3D rendition of what your storage space will look like. From there, any alterations can easily be made by your designer until your space is exactly as you imagined. That’s it! Simple and easy with no room for surprises as every design is custom-tailored to be just right for you and your needs!

Call us today to schedule your virtual consultation and take the first step towards your dream storage space!