Murphy Beds & Why You Need One!

Whether you live in an apartment with a minimal floor plan or want to build the perfect multi-purpose guest room, the murphy bed is for you! Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, pull-down beds, or fold-down beds, are a unique storage solution designed to fold into a wall or closet when not in use. These beds are not a traditional solution, but they can help you increase the potential of any room. Read on to see if a murphy bed is perfect for your home!

How It Started

As you may have guessed, the murphy bed got its name from its inventor, William L. Murphy, who patented this idea in the early 1900s. The “murphy bed” was never trademarked however, the “In-A-Door” bed was. While the idea had taken off previously with other manufacturers, Murphy’s counterbalance design, led the way to what we see today! In the early days owning a murphy bed was a sign of status. While these beds are an ideal solution in some instances, they are not always a replacement for a standard bed, and we will dive into the pros and cons of these iconic beds!

An Open Floor Plan

The age-old phrase “out of sight out of mind” is one of the primary benefits of a murphy bed. When properly installed, a tucked-away murphy bed will look like a wall storage unit and can even have shelving built-in for your favorite decorative pieces. Murphy beds can be the ultimate addition for your guest room that only gets used a few times a year. Re-gain the functionality of your spare bedroom even when you are not entertaining. Once your guests leave, the room can quickly be transformed from a guest bedroom back to any other function like a home gym, library, etc.

Limitations of Murphy Beds

If you are a fan of classic films, you may have seen the notorious scene from the short film “One A.M.” where Charlie Chaplin gets swooped up into a murphy bed. While that scene does pay homage to challenges from early renditions of the murphy bed, many technological and safety improvements have been implemented since that era. These days, nearly all murphy beds feature effective locking mechanisms that prevent the bed from unintentionally opening or closing. With that said, you should always exercise caution when opening or closing the mechanism.

Another thing that makes a murphy bed different than a traditional bed is there is no box spring. The mattress fits directly into the frame and is strapped together for easy vertical storage. Additionally, the type of mattress you can use with a murphy bed can be limited. Since the unit needs to be flush when closed, taller mattresses may not work with a murphy bed unit. With that said, there are still some awesome options for mattresses and bedding that will fit with your unit!

Choosing The Right Murphy Bed

If you think a murphy bed would be a good fit for your home, it is important to understand the overall space you need for this type of storage solution. Do not forget to account for the height and width in both the open and closed positions. Additionally, you will want to think about how much weight you need your bed to hold. Certain styles can support more weight than others, which is important to consider as improper use could damage the bed and present a safety issue.

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