Mudrooms – A Gift For All Seasons

Mudrooms serve as one of the most versatile spaces among the variety of rooms in your home. Conventionally this room may invoke thoughts of blistering Winters or a rainy Spring however, the functionality a mudroom can offer extends to every season. These spaces are the perfect buffer between your home and your adventures outdoors, helping you keep messes away from your main living areas.

A mudroom is typically located at a primary entrance to your home and when designing a custom solution, it is essential to think about how this space is currently used. Does every member of the family need their own space for shoes, coats, and bags? How about extra storage for seasonal sports equipment? We didn’t forget the dog, did we? Our furry friends can always use a tidy place for miscellaneous toys and a leash or two. By identifying your main goals first, your space can be designed and customized to address your specific needs. Continue reading below to learn more!

On the Bench

A bench, chair, or small stool can be a handy addition to any mudroom. Regardless of how spacious your mudroom area is, we can develop unique bench solutions to maximize the function of the room. Benches have become commonplace for mudrooms, providing a comfortable place to sit when entering or exiting while also offering the potential for ample storage below. Such storage can keep help give a clutter-free feel by hiding multiple pairs of shoes or providing a place to stash a sports bag.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

The objective of a mudroom is to streamline the process of entering and exiting your home and maintaining the organization of clothing or belongings you typically do not use in the house. Improving the overall tidiness and organization of these items can be done through several storage options. Is everyone in the family neat and orderly? Then perhaps open cubbies are the way to go for hats, mittens, and other seasonal items. If you are like many of us, who may not be the neatest or most organized, you may consider adding cabinet doors to your cubbies can help keep their contents out of sight.

Four Seasons = More Reasons

Seasons come and go but jackets, hats, and all your seasonal gear are forever in the way! As Summer marches on and winter becomes a memory, we are often left with a reminder, bulky cold-weather gear that does not have an efficient home. Adding upper storage cabinets (as permitted by ceiling height) gives you a spot to efficiently pack all these bulky items into one place. Imagine the perfect space, everything within reach, and when the seasons change you don’t have to take a trip to the attic, basement, or garage to unpack/repack.

Having a place to shake off the worst weather while also keeping you organized is invaluable. A well-designed mudroom will help you prepare for each day whether you are rushing out the door for work in the morning or grabbing a towel, flip flops, and sunscreen as you head out to the lake. Essentials and accessories in one place making the everyday adventure even more manageable! If you’d like to learn more about how LCCVT can help make your everyday adventure easier and more organized schedule a complimentary consultation today!