LCCVT Summer Organization Guide

Summer is just around the corner, and the temps are rising quickly, but you are staying cool and collected knowing you have your home organization on lock! The warm weather will have you and your family enjoying more time outside and as you know, with summer activities come summer messes! Sandy beach towels, muddy mountain bikes, and those dirty gardening clothes! Your home will get messy, but you have all the tools needed to keep your home clean and organized, thanks to our LCCVT Summer Organization Guide!

Start Summer In Style

If you did not do so during your spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to pack away those winter clothes and store them for next winter! Cleaning out your wardrobe is one of the most valuable summer home organization ideas.

  1. Save space and utilize under-the-bed storage to pack away your winter jackets, boots, scarves, and other cold-weather gear!
  2. Separate your clothing by purpose – casual, formal, exercise/sports, swimwear, gardening/yard work, etc.
  3. Leave some space for those new must-have outfits and recycle or donate old clothing that you never use anymore!

A Welcoming Entrance

Your main entryway should be ready to handle your summertime messes! Use these tips below to prep your entry for your summer fun!

  1. Make a to-go bag for each family member for quick and easy trips to the beach or pool – include a towel, sunglasses, and swimming gear. We also recommend creating a general bag with sunscreen, bug spray, and other beach necessities!
  2. Ample shoe storage will keep your grassy sneakers, sandy flip flops, and muddy shoes from becoming scattered throughout your home!
  3. Hanging hooks are universal and can help you dry your wet towels, hang your summer hats, hold your pet leashes, and more!

The Garage Hub

As summer rolls around, your garage will become a poppin’ space! Often garages are used for home improvement projects, storage of gardening equipment, and all sorts of sports gear for the whole family! Keep your garage in shape this summer with these handy tips!

  1. Utilize your wall space to store your equipment. From leaf blowers to bikes and more wall hooks or tracks will help you save floor space and keep your garage organized!
  2. Use bins or baskets to group similar outdoor gear and add labels to make your search faster!
  3. Elevating your belongings off the ground level will help prevent damage from water, sand, mud, and more!

Family Gathering Areas

Summertime means BBQs, family gatherings, and late-night parties at home! Want to keep your main hangouts organized and ready for a party? Try out these easy-to-follow suggestions!

  1. Utilize your entertainment center shelving to add a fun summertime vibe with a few strategically placed decorations!
  2. Make sure to leave a blanket or two tucked close by for those chilly summer nights – we all know that one person who is ALWAYS cold!
  3. Break out your outdoor patio and pool gear to make inviting places for people to gather outside and soak up some rays!

We hope this guide helps you kick your summer organization off on a good note giving you a low-stress and fun-filled season! Need help with storage for all your summer activities? Set up a complimentary storage consultation today! Call us at 802-251-7080 or fill out our contact form to get started!