In-Home Gym – Staying Active In Comfort

Tired of rain, snow, or blistering cold cramping your exercise routine? Maybe winter salt is ruining your running shoes and outerwear, or like many of us, Covid-19 has disrupted your visits to a local gym. The answer to your problems may be hiding in a spare room, basement, or even a commercial setting. Creating an in-home gym may seem like a daunting task however, it’s just a matter of properly planned organization.

The Room With Many Purposes

Many households have a spare room, a guest room, an office, or a storage room. These spaces evolve over time to facilitate different needs. Our lead installer, Kyle, transformed his guest room into an office and shortly thereafter transformed it into a multi-purpose room to accommodate workout equipment. At first the room was cluttered serving so many purposes, but the solution was easy!

Starting with simple organization helped, but the space was not designed with efficiency and still felt cluttered. This prompted him to invest in the perfect storage systems to maximize his space’s potential. For his small space, and for the many like it out there, a simple custom designed storage unit makes a huge difference!

The In-Home Gym Design Phase

Design options vary from simple, open-faced storage, to more complex multi-unit designs with options for finishes, cabinets, accessories, and so on. In Kyle’s case a single unit, with double doors did just the trick. Behind the doors reveals slanted shelves for individual weights, storage space for rolled mats, baskets for resistance bands, and even space for some foam blocks for yoga. He also chose a simple crown molding around the top to accommodate his bulky exercise ball.

When the equipment is not being utilized, it can be tucked away behind the doors for a clean and clutter-free environment. The best part? With just a single wall unit he was able to continue utilizing this space as an office and guest room.

Beyond The Basics

Maybe you are saying, “I have machines, weights, and already have a room dedicated for my in-home gym.”

We are here for you too! Our primary goal is to design our solutions to fit the unique needs of you and your space. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer for your storage needs. It is all about what works for you.

Imagine instead of one unit, you have multiple. Maybe a TV, or Mirror (traditional or workout brand) centered right inside the unit with ample storage to either side. Room for hanging workout gear, storing all types of individual equipment, and fitting those odds and ends that are awkward to store. Your space can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your individual and unique equipment. 

Back To Work … And Workouts

Gyms at commercial offices are a growing trend. Employers are developing their spaces to help employees with productivity and that includes available space for employees to focus on health and wellness. Creating a gym in a commercial space is not much different from an in-home gym, however the space needs to meet the needs of many individuals instead of just one. Everything from storage units for equipment to employee lockers are available to help you develop a conventional gym space in your office building.