Home Office Space – Bringing The Office Home

In this day and age, working from home is more common than ever before. For many workers, shifting from working in an office to working from home was abrupt. Many households did not have dedicated home office space prepared for this change, which in turn presented many challenges.

From the comforts of your own dwelling, distractions are all too common making it challenging to stay focused. From kitchen tables to the sofa, the concept of what makes a home office has been widely stretched. Employers have shifted away from shared office spaces, opting for work-from-home strategies. With most Americans spending working for 9-hours per day, having a well-organized workspace can play a huge factor in productivity. Lucky for you Lake Champlain Closets has several solutions to help you maximize your efficiency at home.

Form and Functionality

At LCCVT, we understand that not all home designs are the same, which inspired us to specialize in custom storage designs. Unlike standard “off-the-shelf” options, we designed and fit our solutions to your home, addressing both form and functional needs. Using our specialized 3D modeling software, we tailor each design to maximize your storage space. For your aesthetic and lifestyle needs, we offer many finishes and accessories for you to choose from.

The Closet Office

As you think about your home and ideal work areas, a closet office is likely not the first thing to come to mind. With that said, these simple turnkey designs can turn any space into the perfect home office. Across the many homes we work in, there is one common trend we regularly see. Homes around New England have many spare closets that are both wide and shallow. These closets can be an organizational challenge however, with some love and care, they can transform into unique home office spaces!

Imagine a centered desk, with drawers flanking either side with floor-to-ceiling cubbies, and ample desk space to sprawl your work over. As you wrap up your workday, you can close the doors and your office space disappears, out of sight and out of mind. There is something to be said about being able to truly separate your work from home even when it may not currently seem like an option.

Multi-Purpose Office

Another office space idea is to turn a single-use space into a multi-use space. The ability to transform a guest room into an office without sacrificing the original room function is easier than it may seem. Our wall-unit office designs provide compact storage and usable office space leaving ample space for other room functions.

The flexibility of multi-purpose rooms allows you to maximize your space and match your layout to your lifestyle needs. Spaces like offices, gyms, guest rooms, and hobby rooms can all be paired, providing you not only the best bang for your buck but the most efficient use of your home.

Not Just for Work

This year will go down in the books for the unique changes it has placed upon not only the work environment but the classroom as well. We know it has not been an easy transition and we are here to provide solutions to best meet the needs of our clients and their families. With the increasing demand for at-home schooling, we believe it is important to help provide our kids with a dedicated space that will help keep them focused and learning in a place that undoubtedly comes with many distractions. Interested in which style would work best for your home’s layout?

Schedule your free consultation with our designer to better understand which home improvements work best for you! Email us at cathy@lccvt.com or call 802-251-7080.