Designing Your Perfect Storage Space

If you described your storage space goals, needs, and aspirations, you might be surprised to find that your answer is likely unique. At Lake Champlain Closets, we passionately believe there is no such thing as a “one solution fits all” approach when designing closets and storage spaces. Additionally, each home is different in aesthetics and layout, which can further complicate how your project comes together. That is where our expert design and install team comes in! Our goal is to help you build your perfect storage space!

The Lifestyle Approach

Organization within your home is essential to keeping a healthy home and a healthy mind! Research has shown that disorganization and clutter can have significant impacts on your physical and mental health. Our goal is to transform your space to promote good organizational habits and remove unnecessary stressors from your life. Sick and tired of constantly cleaning up shoes spread across the house? A shoe cubby can help you store your shoes when they are not in use. Dirty laundry covering the floor of your walk-in? A built-in hamper can discreetly tuck away your mess so you can move freely around your space. Our thorough consultation process will help you identify areas of your daily life that will improve through the use of custom storage solutions.

Function and Fashion

Many clients focus heavily on the functionality that their new space will provide. However, other clients looking to remodel their space, place higher importance on the project’s overall appearance. Lake Champlain Closets offers thousands of combinations of finishes, built-in accessories, and specialized hardware, so you can truly customize your design to your needs. If all these options are already giving you anxiety, do not worry! Our CEO and Lead Designer, Cathy Armstrong, is an expert in her field and is always happy to provide recommendations to make your new project perfect.

Picture Perfect Storage

Lake Champlain Storage Solution designs are uniquely created to address our diverse client’s needs. Therefore, every aspect from room dimensions, obstructions to finishes is determined. The fabrication process involves individually cutting, edgebanding, and packaging before they are shipped to our warehouse. The manufacturing and shipping are typically 2-3 weeks from the moment our manufacturer receives your designs to the time your package safely arrives at our warehouse.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We are excited to help you discover your next home storage solution. Contact us today to schedule your virtual or in-home consultation so we can begin understanding what type of storage can impact you and your life!