Building the Ultimate 4-Season Garage

Living in New England is incredible, especially if you love experiencing four distinct seasons throughout the year! From the warm summer heat to the snow-blanketed winters, the changing weather allows us to enjoy many different outdoor activities! On the flip side, those seasonal activities and changes to the weather also bring along rain, snow, leaves, and other outdoor messes that creep their way into your home. Learn how to protect your home and belongings with this four-season garage guide!

The Good Ol’ Garage

For most households, the garage is a hodge-podge of items that don’t have a spot inside the home. Usually, these items consist of yard supplies, sports gear, cleaning products, and other miscellaneous items. Over time, all that clutter can build up, making it hard to manage and protect your belongings. We have seen our fair share of garages with storage piles, and it’s more common than you might think! Maintain order in your space and avoid random piles with a custom-built storage solution!

Winter Storage

What is the first thing you think of when we say winter in New England? For us, it’s the snow! We are an avid outdoor team, so the incoming snow means a day on the slopes, which can’t come soon enough. If you are also an avid skier or rider, think about installing a wall-mounted storage track in your garage! Not only do mounted tracks provide easy access to help you catch that first run on the slopes, but they also help you air-dry your gear after a long day out! Wall mounts are also a great space-saving way to store your bicycles until the following riding season.

Spring Storage

Spring cleaning is a staple tradition that follows soon after the holidays! It’s ok, we have all been there when the weather starts to warm up, and there is still holiday decor on display…yikes! As we head out of the frigid winter and into the more comfortable spring, it will be time to grab all the final decor and winter clothing, such as heavy jackets, and pack them away. Overhead bins in your garage are the perfect way to keep these items out of your space yet easily accessible for next season. Overhead bins not only help you utilize your garage space effectively and prevent these items from sitting on the ground.

Summer Storage

Summer is one of the reasons we use our garage the most! From lawn and garden activities to DIY projects and trips to the beach, your garage gets plenty of use this season. As builders, we love when our clients are working on home maintenance projects or DIY upgrades! We also know those home maintenance and updates are no easy feat, and the tools required for your projects can create havoc within your space. Custom cabinetry can provide you with a space to properly store your tools and equipment. By minimizing your clutter, you will have more garage space available for projects, vehicles, and anything else you need!

Fall Storage

Fall is an excellent time of year to purge your garage space! Once you have wrapped up any garage projects and outdoor activities slow down, it is time to pack up your summer gear and put them into storage! Wire baskets are an excellent way to tidy up your sports equipment, pool supplies, and all other loose items that are hard to store on a shelf. You will also find it much easier to clear out those pesky leaves from your garage once your belongings are elevated and not out in the open!

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