Brighten Your Day With Well-Lit Storage

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again; not all homes are built the same! Some houses benefit from large swaths of natural lighting, while others use interior lighting to create bright living spaces! Whether you want to better visibility in darker areas of your home or hope to accentuate an area, using the correct type of lighting can go a long way!

Ambient vs Accent Lights

Similar to photography, picking the right type of lighting in your wardrobe or home storage area matters! You may already have some overhead lighting in your space, possibly even a standing light to keep things lit. Do these lights provide enough brightness for you to see everything? If not, you may need to consider upgrading your ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is typically the primary light source that illuminates a space and sets the color tone of the area.

If your space has high visibility and you strive to make the area more appealing, you may consider opting for accent lighting! It is common for accent lighting to draw attention to focal points in your closet or storage area, elevating the overall atmosphere. Accent lights are perfect for adding that little bit of extra personality where you need it most!

Energy Efficient Lights

LEDs are one of the most popular types of lighting for both ambient and accent purposes. LEDs provide a bright illumination that will help you navigate through your storage space, from closets to garages or anywhere in between! Not only do these lights produce a bright light, but they are also economical! These lights require very little electricity and tend to last a long time which goes a long way for homeowners on a budget!

Bright Ideas for Light

1) Strip Light Accents

Strip lights are a great way to add accent areas to your storage solution(s). From Horizontal under-shelf lights and illuminated drawers to vertical lights in your cabinets, these lighting additions can create better visibility and provide you with a more polished-looking space! This seamless design uses a groove in your cabinetry to contain the lights, keeping them out of sight when not in use!

2) Built-In Recessed Lights

You have likely seen portable battery-powered puck lights, but we can build permanent recessed lighting into your shelving! Recessed puck lights are convenient and easy to mount in storage areas! Since recessed lighting is built directly into your design, you won’t see any wires leaving you with a stunning look and feel

3) Light Up Your Trim

If your home storage design is not a floor-to-ceiling style, you can add lights to your trim! Lights built behind the crown molding create a beautiful glow that can change the ambiance of your space. Unlike the previous examples, trim lighting doesn’t shine the light toward your belongings, but diffuses the light onto the walls and ceiling of your space!

4) Sensor-Driven Lights

Want to make your space energy efficient and extremely functional? Leaving your lights on all the time is a wasteful practice! Incorporating lighting with sensors is both economical and good for the environment! Sensors can automatically turn the lights on when you walk into the room or open a cabinet door leaving you with a flawless experience!

Want add lighting to your next renovation? Send us a message or give us a call to schedule your free consultation and begin exploring your dream closet solution