90-Day Home Organization Challenge

Welcome to our 90-Day Home Organization Challenge! We have created this interactive guide to help you through the complexities of maintaining a clean and well-organized home! Each week we will focus on a different area within your home and provide tips to help you thoroughly declutter and cleanse your living space. Come back each week for the next group of tips or find the weekly tips on our social media channels! We also would love to hear about your success too, so post pictures and hashtag #lccvt90daychallenge

Use Our Interactive Challenge Guide

Download our interactive challenge guide below! We have included the Week One challenge to help you get a head start! Come back on Thursdays each week to download the following week’s challenge!

Week 1: Main Entryways

Entryways are your first area of focus! Clean and organized entryways are a great start for habit building and creating a well-organized environment! Snow, mud, salt and more all wreak havoc on these areas so a deep clean is the way to go! Remember that you will need to maintain these spaces as the challenge progresses so make sure to revisit your main entryways regularly as they get the most traffic!

Download Week 1 Worksheets

Week 2: Kitchen/Pantry

For week two, we are focusing on two major areas known for messes – your kitchen, and your pantry! From your sink to your fridge, and everything in between, kitchens tend to get a bit hectic. For this area, aim for a deep clean to make this space spotless and organized! Kitchens and pantries are a magnet for grease and other messes, so the longer you wait to clean them, the harder it gets! Make sure to revisit these areas often as this is another high-traffic spot!

Download Week 2 Worksheets

Week 3: Bedrooms

This week we are tackling your bedrooms! Bedrooms should serve as a safe haven as you start and end your day in this space. When messes build up in these spaces, it can create extra stress and anxiety. We have built this week’s outline to help you address the most common bedroom clutter challenges to provide you with a space that will leave you well-rested! Depending on the size of your home, you may have several rooms to complete, so now is the perfect time to get started!

Download Week 3 Worksheets

Week 4: Living Room

Is your living room livable? Living rooms should be a comfortable gathering spot within the home, meaning messes, clutter, and many valuable memories bound to happen! This week we work to restore your main hangout to a clean and comfortable relaxation zone! With high foot traffic, snacks and meals, and a variety of family activities, this area will need some TLC! Whether it’s game night or movie night, follow these expert tips, and your living room will be prepped to take on whatever activity you throw at it next!

Download Week 4 Worksheets

Week 5: Office/Spare Room – Coming Soon

Week 6: Bathrooms – Coming Soon

Week 7: Storage Closets – Coming Soon

Week 8: Dining Room – Coming Soon

Week 9: Garage – Coming Soon

Week 10: Hallways – Coming Soon

Week 11: Deck/Patio – Coming Soon

Week 12: Attic/Basement – Coming Soon