5 Home Organization Resolutions

As we kick off 2022 (we know we cannot believe it either), many people are setting resolutions to make positive changes to their lives. You may think New Year resolutions are cliché, but what better time to reevaluate your aspirations and plan to make them a reality. Ready to clean out the garage that has become overgrown with your belongings, or finally repurpose that spare room that still has the wallpaper used in the ’80s? Start your year with success by focusing on these five home organization ideas!

Start Small

Tackling your home can feel like a daunting challenge and knowing where to begin can be equally intimidating. The best way to jump-start your home organization is to break down the process into easily manageable tasks. Resolutions take time to show results, so remember you do not need to make a total transformation in one day. Start small and set manageable tasks such as completing one room a week or one drawer a day. These tactics will help keep you on track, and if you miss a day, you can get right back into it without overwhelming stress! Remember, your resolutions do not have to be “broken” if you do not stick to them 100%; just keep plugging away, and you will reach your goal!

Trash, Donate, Recycle

As you work your way into each nook and cranny in your house, you will find items you may have forgotten about and some that you do not need anymore. Stop collecting dust on those outdated electronics that are not valuable or that dress that is so 2010. Break out some boxes and trash bags and start to create three piles. Set up one bin for trash, one for recycling, and one for donations. Sometimes parting with items can be difficult but hoarding belongings that have no current or future value in your life is just adding clutter and stress. Toss the broken and trashed items and donate items in good condition so they can live on in a new home.

Decant Your Pantry

Would you be embarrassed if someone looked in your pantry right now? That is ok! Pantries can get messy very quickly. As you dig for that special ingredient for mealtime, you inadvertently bury something else not to be seen for months. Fear not, a little TLC and quick organizing can help you save both time and money. Decanting is the process of removing excess packaging from your pantry, which is often bulky and typically not the most visually appealing. 

It is time to ditch the cereal, pasta, and other dried food packaging and bring in the glass or plastic containers! Not only will your space look much cleaner, but you will be able to see how much of each item you have. Doing so is a game-changer as you can eliminate overbuying something you already have plenty of and know when it is time for a refill.

Get Your Family Invlolved

New Year resolutions are all about growth, and it can be much easier with support from others! While you tackle the odds and ends of your living room, put the kids to work cleaning their rooms or have them tidy up the playroom. In doing so, you also have an opportunity to teach them organizational habits. If you like to get creative with your kids, you can even make games focused on cleaning and organizing to keep them excited and engaged. If everyone in the household is working towards keeping the house tidy, the upkeep with be much easier. Plus, you will be able to relax in a clean and organized home.

Spruce Up Your Closet Storage

Last but not least, if you have cleaned, tossed away things you do not need, and still have too many belongings for your current storage, you may need to look into enhancing your closet storage. You may be surprised to know most standard closets are highly inefficient. From your coat closet to your bedroom walk-in, maximizing your available storage space can significantly help your home organization. A custom closet will help you take advantage of your existing space and help you group like items for easy access. Adding some built-in closets can also help you expand your home storage while making your space more stylish.

We hope these tips help you start your new year off on a good note! If you have any questions about your home organization or need help creating spaces designed to improve your organization habits, send us a message, and schedule a complimentary consultation!