3 Common Home Organization Mistakes

Home organization is a key component of stress-free living! As you embark on your mission to get organized, remember that it is not an overnight project but a combination of habits and tools that will help you maintain a clutter-free space. We have all had challenges with messes at home, even the experts, so if you are overwhelmed by the amount of clutter you have, you are not alone! This quick guide will give you some helpful tips to recognize habits that may seem like organizing activities but get in the way of maximizing your home’s true potential!

Hiding the Mess

Let’s face it, we have all had that moment where we were running out of time before the guests arrived and resorted to the classic “stuff everything in the closet” method. While on the surface your home may look more organized, you have only hidden the clutter, and it will spread its way back through the house. Another “hide the mess” mistake is creating piles of papers like mail, newspapers, bills, etc. Again, your stacks of papers may look better than having them scattered about, you are not addressing the root of the issue. Proper organization requires paring like items together and storing them in a place that is easy to access. A filling cabinet with subdividers is a great home storage tool that can help you manage your messes. A dedicated filing cabinet can not only hold all of your must-have paperwork, but when you need to find a specific document, you won’t have to sort through several piles of loose papers.

Social Media is Misleading

Social media platforms are essential in today’s culture, and many homeowners get ideas, tips, and tricks for their homes from posts they see online. Whether you are looking at DIY projects or influencers with a too-good-to-be-true home, keep in mind that what you see online is not always the right solution for you specifically. Let’s look at how you organize your kitchen countertop. Do you have your coffee maker, toaster, and other appliances tucked away in the depths of your pantry, or do you leave them out and about on your kitchen counter? If you’re a daily coffee drinker, you should be thinking about purposeful ways to organize your space while leaving your favorite coffee equipment accessible for your daily brew! Home organization is not only about reducing clutter but about creating a home that is productive and functional for your lifestyle.

Cleaning Versus Organizing

Cleaning and organizing go hand in hand, but they do not serve the same purpose. Organizing is focused around systematizing your items into a neat and logical format, whereas cleaning is about removing unwanted messes like dirt and grime. Cleaning your living room entails dusting, vacuuming/mopping, wiping down surfaces, etc., however, when it comes to organizing, your focus should be on keeping surfaces clutter-free, corralling remotes, making sure furniture is in the right place, etc. While each action has different outcomes, you will find that it’s difficult to deep clean your home if your belongings are disorganized. Have you ever tried vacuuming a room with belongings scattered across the floor? It’s no easy feat. To get to the goal of a stress-free living home, you should always focus on organizing first and cleaning once things are in order.

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